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Partner Collaboration and Business Model

The objective of GEVCO is to facilitate a collaborative approach by the ‘partners’ as a stepping stone to a greater volume that would not be achieved by each partner individually.
A non conventional approach across the complete value chain to develop, manufacture, sell and distribute the products will ensure the strength and sustainability of the partner’s offering in a potentially growing and competitive market, with key pillars for success being:


Resource Pooling


White Labelling


Market Segmentation

The shared cost of market entry and incorporation of the partner competencies reduces the risk profile, whilst the collaborative global volume will ensure access to mass volume supply costs enabling competitive local pricing (5 x 20,000pa = 100,000pa). Each partner will have full access to the design developed and homologated to indigenously assemble the vehicle under their own brand, applying their logo and VIN to the vehicles for distribution and sale in their respective markets.

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