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• One of the most technologically advanced electric vehicles in development

• Desirable urban car engineered from a clean sheet

• Flexible platform to support future commercial and roadster variants

• Unique design capable of seating four adults in comfort - 135mm shorter than Toyota iQ

• Four-star Euro NCAP rating (2012 requirements)

• Recognised by UKTI as a ‘Project of Exceptional Potential’


GEVCO’s plan to bring an exciting range of ‘white label’ electric vehicles (EVs) to market by 2015 moved a step closer today as it revealed the design and technical specifications for its first vehicle – the i-Mav.

i-Mav (short for ‘I must have’) is the result of GEVCO’s partnership with MIRA and follows an intensive six month programme of work by the two companies which has harnessed their combined EV expertise to engineer a ‘clean sheet’ solution to personal low carbon urban transportation. Jonathan Hunt, MIRA’s Senior Global Sales Manager for EV & HEV commented: “i-Mav is one the most technologically advanced EVs currently i n development. Designed from the ground up for electric traction (not an adapted petrol derivative) i-Mav incorporates technologies that will make it competitive with conventionally powered vehicles in quality, cost, design and safety terms.

The i-Mav is an EV capable of being manufactured in any market around the world to meet global homologation requirements and takes into account materials as well as component costs, access to supply chains and adopts appropriate ‘next generation’ technologies that meet GEVCO’s philosophy of ‘Zero Technology Compromise’ whilst being affordable to manufacture.

The GEVCO/MIRA team has incorporated several technologies never before seen on a production vehicle including: an Electro-Magnetic Geared motor that requires no gearbox - reducing cost, weight and complexity - and a unique aluminium-air battery that is significantly cheaper to produce, yet delivers higher energy density than any currently on the market, giving i-Mav a range of 430 miles (NEDC).

Inconsistencies in local charging infrastructure are also addressed with a newly developed space efficient ‘range extender’ designed specifically to charge the batteries. The i-Mav is 135mm shorter and 51kg lighter than a Toyota iQ and capable of seating four adults (2x 6’ 2” and 2x 5’ 10”) in comfort, yet delivers a four-star Euro NCAP rating (based on 2012 requirements) thanks to an innovative, platform with the flexibility to support future commercial or roadster variants.

GEVCO Ltd founder and CEO Steve Woolley explains: “The company’s innovative business model presents an opportunity for new entrants to the EV sector to leap-frog the established automotive businesses in their own markets. “The i-Mav and our ‘white label’ approach reduce the main barriers to market entry - set-up costs and risk - through a business model that facilitates ‘technology transfer’ and enables any major international corporation to assemble, distribute and sell a competitive market-ready vehicle under their own-brand.

“Our aim was to design more than just another EV,” adds Steve. “We intend to deliver a step-change in the way society views personal mobility. i-Mav embodies GEVCO’s philosophy of ‘Zero Technology Compromise’ and recognises that in order to appeal to the iPod generation a vehicle must reflect users’ lifestyles and be desirable as well as fun to drive.” Having unveiled i-Mav, the GEVCO/MIRA team is now entering the next exciting phase of its plan and working with a number of 'partner' companies to produce two operational demonstrator vehicles that will bring the concept to life.

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Electric vehicle design focuses on cutting-edge technology

Electric cars that meet the same design and performance standards expected by the ‘iPod generation’ will be the focus of a new vehicle development programme at MIRA.

The automotive engineering firm announced it would be collaborating with green electric car organisation Global Electric Vehicle (GEVCO)
to develop two technologically advanced demonstration electric vehicles that appeal to so-called Generation Y consumers.

GEVCO founder and chief executive Steve Woolley said the cars will be designed with insight provided by young volunteer participants drawn from sources such as universities local to MIRA’s Warwickshire base. The vehicles will incorporate cutting-edge technology ranging from lightweight, recyclable materials, plus next-generation powertrain and energy-storage technologies.

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Beginnings: White Label Electric Cars

A lot of consumer brands we buy, from washing machines to car starter batteries are made by just a handful of companies. The brand owners acquire products from "white label" manufacturers who build the same or nearly identical products for other, often competing brands. The differences are usually subtle: different colors, control panels, a different badge; but the guts of the device are fairly generic, enabling cost savings through greater scale of production.

That is the model that Steve Woolley, the founder and CEO of GEVCO (Global Electric Vehicles, Ltd) in the English Midlands is seeking to develop for a range of electric-drive vehicles from the ECity concept pictured below, to an extended range EV similar in concept to the propulsion system powering the Chevy Volt. Formerly with Lotus, where he worked on projects with ZAP and Tesla, he has now partnered with MIRA, Ltd., once known as the Motor Industry Research Association, located in Nuneaton, Warkwickshire, UK.


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